Eng Hup’s vertical aluminium louvres provide protection from various weather elements, such as excessive sunlight, rain, hail and wind whilst allowing the aesthetic pleasure of an outdoor feel to seethe through into the building.

Benefits and Advantages

Eng Hup’s vertical aluminium louvres come in a large variety of designs, shapes, and sizes as well as finishing and colour depending on your requirements. The malleability of aluminium allows for easy cutting and machining to obtain your required specifications. Additionally, our corrosion resistant vertical aluminium louvres retain their radiant glow from day one, even throughout prolonged exposure to outdoor elements such as rain and humidity. This further allows the louvres to be an integral part of your building design.

Eng Hup’s vertical aluminium louvres help to mitigate the sun’s rays, thus providing a cooler environment for your building’s occupants. Additionally, by lowering heat access, the probability of electrical circuit damage is further reduced, hence saving our clients maintenance costs. By providing partial shelter against wind, rain and hail, our vertical louvres are highly useful in Singapore’s tropical weather.

Eng Hup

As a leading and supplier of vertical aluminium louvres, Eng Hup uses only the best aluminium in order to ensure your louvres stay radiant throughout prolonged periods of time for the great aesthetic look you desire. Additionally, our louvres stay strong in protecting your building’s occupants against the hazardous weather, while providing a soothing outdoor feel. This makes our vertical aluminium louvres a top choice amongst contractors and architects alike.

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