Standard aluminium extrusions are used for thousands of products around the globe. Because of their durability and corrosion resistant properties, they are normally a top choice.

Standard Aluminium Extrusions

Because it is easily malleable, it can be extruded into various shapes. This is why it is very commonly used. Some common shapes include:

There are still a wide variety of extrusions available at Eng Hup and each one of these extrusions differ in their purpose and applications. In you are unsure of what sort of extrusions are suitable, get in touch with any of our consultants and we would be able to assist you.


  • Suitable for Outdoor and Industrial Environments

    Our standard aluminium extrusions are corrosion resistant. This means that the extrusions are not compromised when placed in outdoor environments in the face of rain, hail and high humidity, and retains its original properties and appearance. Similarly, this improves the reliability of the extrusions, hence saving clients replacement and maintenance costs.

  • Corrosion Resistant

    The properties of the aluminium alloy makes the standard aluminium extrusions corrosion resistant. Hence they also require lesser maintenance.

Eng Hup

Eng Hup has become a leading supplier of various standard aluminium extrusions not only due to the high grade of aluminium used which improves the reliability of our products, but also because of our commitment to good service. If any replacement or additional extrusions are required, we will deliver as soon as possible, according to your real-time project needs.

Have a certain standard aluminium extrusion which you require? Just contact us and provide us with the specifications and dimensions which you require.