Perforated aluminium sheets are used mainly as construction materials for buildings in order to bring down the temperature within the indoor environment, as well as in the automotive industry due to its lower weight.

This translates to not only a more comfortable environment for the occupants, but also an increase in energy cost savings through less usage of air-conditioning and cooling expenses as well.

Benefits and Advantages

Eng Hup’s aluminium perforated sheets can be used to make floor coverings, which have an innate anti-slip property to it. This generally works better in workshop environments, or in areas where liquid spills are likely to occur. This prevents accidents due to slippery surfaces, hence improving safety.


  • Thickness
  • Hole diameter
  • Size of sheet

Eng Hup

The aluminium material used is of the highest grade for our perforated sheets, and will provide the required properties optimally. This will ensure your safety and work environment is not compromised by any standards. Additionally, we provide quick and reliable service. If you need any replacement materials or on-site support, we will deliver them as soon as possible.

Let us know the dimensions of the perforated aluminium sheets that you are looking for and we will do our best to meet your needs.