Fixed aluminium louvres are louvres which are fixed in place, and cannot be adjusted with manual control. Despite the lack of flexibility available in controlling the angles required for optimal heat deflection, fixed louvres are still effective in various ways, such as providing privacy, comfort and for aesthetic purposes.

Features and Benefits

  • Increased Comfort and Safety

    Eng Hup’s fixed aluminium louvres ensure the comfort and safety of your building’s occupants. Not only is there protection form excessive heat. Additionally, rain, wind and other debris are also deflected efficiently, while still retaining small amounts of sunlight for a soothing outdoor feel.

  • Improved Privacy and Security

    Eng Hup’s fixed aluminium louvres provide better privacy by limiting vision into the building and its occupants. This is done while maintaining a pleasant aesthetic outlook and a comfortable outdoor feel for its occupants.

  • Wide Variety of Designs

    Due to the malleability of aluminium, the louvres can be extruded, sized and cut according to your specific needs, dimensions and orientations, hence giving you a wider variety of choices in louvre designs. Additionally, the corrosion resistant properties of aluminium allow for different surface finishing and colouring as well, allowing your fixed aluminium louvres to be as radiant as day one.

Eng Hup

As a reliable and trusted supplier for over 20 years, quality and customer service are what we deliver best. With a large variety of fixed aluminium louvre designs which stay vibrant for long periods of time, our clients have the flexibility to choose what is best for their projects.

Eng Hup provides a wide variety of designs of fixed aluminium louvres to choose from. Customization services are available as well so contact us today!