The aluminium window extrusion can be mantled easily and is not only used on windows, but also used on walls, doors. Since it is made of aluminium, the window extrusion strong and long lasting.

Furthermore, it enables the the use of the thermal break systems for your windows and doors to be more energy-efficient.

Types of Window Extrusions

  • Sliding windows
  • Casement windows

Additional Benefits

Thermal breaks are a piece of aluminium extrusion that separates the inner and outer frames of a metal window or door. The thermal breaks are effective in insulating heat, hence keeping the room where the windows and doors are installed warm and cozy, or cool and dry.

Thermal breaks are now a popular choice in the area of architecture as it has been proven to remarkably effective in reducing energy consumption for rooms. This is because the application of thermal break reduces the need for strong heaters or air conditioners, thereby allowing conservation of energy, and thus lowering costs in the long run.

Eng Hup

Asides cutting our products to your needs, we offer additional services as well. For example, we handle requests to increase the fire resistance of the thermal breaks, by selecting more suitable aluminium alloys for your thermal breaks. Any special requests mentioned beforehand

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