The aluminium unequal angle can be used on many forms of steel structures, including all forms of buildings and equipment.


Our  unequal angles are crafted to precise measurements, and are firm and sturdy in nature. Hence, you can be rest assured that your constructions can be lasting and strong.

Whether you need it as frames for constructing buildings, car bodies, barricades and even on telecommunication equipments, our unequal angles is bound to meet your expectations. The superior grade of our aluminium ensures that your purchase would be lasting and hence value for money.

Depending on the alloy you intend to use, the aluminium will have different strength and corrosion resistance levels.

Eng Hup

Eng Hup is a reliable and trustworthy supplier of aluminium unequal angles. We have supplied such materials to building and construction companies as well as many other industries. We have quality aluminium unequal angles that are made to specifically meet your expectations.

Cutting services are available to adjust to the length that you desire. Just let us know what are your specifications and we will try our best to assist you.