Commonly used as fasteners, the aluminium threaded rods are used in various industries, such as in cable applications, automotive as well as hydraulics. These aluminium rods are threaded either on both ends or throughout the entire rod. This allows the overall structure to be able to withstand higher tensile forces when the threaded ends are secured.


Depending on the type of alloy material you choose for the aluminium threaded rods, it will determine the tensile strength, weight and corrosion resistance level of your rods.

There are also a variety of surfaces to choose from which will affect the appearance and colour.

Characteristics and Advantages

  • High Strength

    An ideal aluminium threaded rod must be able to withstand large tensile loads in order to keep a structure stable. Eng Hup’s Aluminium Threaded Rods are made up of the best aluminium, which makes it resistant to such large loads. This will reduce failure rates safety concerns as well as maintenance costs for your projects.

  • Corrosion Resistance

    Eng Hup’s Aluminium Threaded Rods are also highly resistant to corrosion, hence preventing any compromise which decreases its strength. This allows our aluminium threaded rods to stay operational for a prolonged period of time, hence reducing maintenance costs and time due to setbacks of your projects.

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