Aluminium t are used in are wide range of industries are serve a diverse range of purposes. From smaller scale industrial designs and furniture to larger scale building and construction purposes, Eng Hup has a wide variety of aluminium t to serve your needs

Types of Aluminium T

  • Aluminium T Bar – Suitable for both commercial applications
  • Aluminium T Slots – Suitable for construction from stock components and can be used to built a wide variety of frames


  • Chemical Composition

    Depending on the chemical composition which you desire, the aluminium alloys have different corrosion resistance and properties.

  • Dimensions

    Even though the aluminium t is a very simple design, it does come it a wide variety of specifications that need to be decided on. The thickness of each portion need to be properly specified so that we can meet your expectations.

  • Length

    Cutting service are provided by Eng Hup and we can cut it to the length that you desire depending on the available length that we have in stock. Do note that the cutting of each piece does reduce the length a little each time.

Eng Hup has a wide variety of aluminium t on stock. Contact us if you have urgent needs and we will try our best to assist you.