An aluminium t track is an aluminium bar with a t shaped void extruded from its centre throughout, such that a T section aluminium bar can fit perfectly within this void. Eng Hup’s Aluminium t track can be used in the construction industry, such as making mounts for a strong grip. A bolt can be used to secure an object attached to the t track for extra strong support.

The aluminium t track are also known as t slots.


  • Track size – Depending on what you intend to use it for we have a variety to track sizes to choose form
  • Length – Eng Hup provides cutting services to achieve the desired length of t tracks.

Why Use Aluminium?

The aluminium t track must be able to withstand huge amounts of bending stresses and moments due to the nature of its function as a mount, not only in the holes for securing the track’s position, but also its grooves which undergo large amounts of stresses when securing a heavy load.

Eng Hup’s aluminium t tracks are strong and sturdy, and able to withstand such stresses without any damage and deformation over a prolonged period of time. This good quality allows our clients to be able to work safely and produce reliable projects without any setback. Additionally, the lightweight nature of our aluminium T tracks allow for easy transportation and installation.

Let us know exactly what sort of aluminium t tracks you are looking for and we would try our best to assist you. Contact us now!