The aluminium T Slot (Conveyor System Profile Series) is a special piece of aluminium extrusion that can very versatile and can be used for framing, and is usable on many different types of constructions. Because of the unique design, it make it very easy to combine with other aluminium pieces to form larger structures.

Common Applications

The interchangeable and functional design easily allows the workstations to meet your requirements. Many functions are available, such as table height adjustments, compartmentalization, installations of lights and power sources.

Benefits and Advantages

We offer light yet strong t-slots that enables fast fixing of equipment and work stations. Smart t-slot design also enables you to dismantle your equipment and workstations easily.

Simply construct any equipment, machine framing, machine bases and work stations with our t-slot. Applications range from stable stands to large sturdy tables and much more. What is more? The t-slots are well-designed to be hidden and hence does obstruct the creation of constructions.

Eng Hup offers easy to use aluminium t slots that can be assembled and joined to form a variety of structures to suit your needs. Contact us for more information!