The aluminium t section is commonly used in objects with slots and pivoting points, such as in ventilators, doors and windows. Depending on the dimensions that you require and the length of the aluminium t section, we will do our best to support your needs.

Benefits and Advantages

  • Corrosion Resistant

    Corrosion-proof means the frequency of maintenance or replacement of aluminium t section is reasonably low and hence, allows for a long-lasting usage. No more eerie creaks on your cupboard doors and normal doors!

  • Non-Combustability

    As aluminium is resistant to burning regardless of high temperatures, it is ideal for use in applications such as ventilators. There would be no need to worry about over-heating of equipment and the toxic fumes that may be produced.

  • Various Shapes and Sizes

    As such, you will be able to receive your t section in any form your design plans might require, without the hassle of handling or cutting it, since we offer you the perfect cut for you.

  • Recyclable Material

    The high metal scrap value is definitely a bonus to choosing aluminium t section over other materials for your construction and equipment’s use.

Require a customized design or need some cutting services? Eng Hup is just the right company to provide the service you require.