Aluminium t channel is one of the most common products our customers’ purchase, as it is versatile and could be widely used. We conduct rigorous tests to guarantee the superior standard of our product.

Common Uses

  • Widely used in construction and engineering fields
  • Used in signage and posts

Desirable Characteristics

  • Various Shapes and Sizes

    By offering customization services, we ensure that all our clients receive their products as per what is needed in their designs. We offer the aluminium t bars in various lengths and sizes and cutting services are available.

  • Chemical Properties

    Depending on the chemical composition of aluminium all that you require, this will also determine the tensile strength and properties of your aluminium t bar.

Eng Hup

Eng Hup is a trusted and reliable supplier of aluminium extrusion in Singapore and our advisers are well-versed to answer to your queries in any area of concern in our field. We will do our best to satisfy our clients, so feel free to contact us now for any queries!

Check out the stocks that we have available right now and let us know if you require any cutting services.