The aluminium t bar is a well-formed structure that is long-lasting. Being non-ferrous, it is hardly probable for corrosion of this durable piece of aluminium t bar, hence making it tolerant even after years of exposure.

Common Uses

  • The aluminium t bar is commonly in use in many industries, such as food processing, chemical and automotive.
  • It also serves the purpose of framing and acts as a strong shield for architectures and various products.

Desirable Characteristics

We offer multiple designs, colours, texture and finishes, to cater to the wide ranges of specifications you might require. The array of choices of aluminium t bar is sure to satisfy your design requirements for commercial uses as well as domestic uses.

Eng Hup

  • Experience and Dedication

    Being in the industry for decades, Eng Hup has grown to become a quality supplier of aluminium t bars to numerous building and construction companies. Our brand has been built on the quality of our products and the service quality that we provide.

Depending on the alloys chemical composition, the characteristics of the aluminium t bars are very different. Contact our customer consultants and they would be glad to assist you!