Aluminium sunscreens work by limiting the amount of solar heat entering a building. It is commonly found in the construction sector, whereby they are equipped with buildings located in regions with hot weather, such as Singapore.

The aluminium sunscreens can be fitted onto doors, windows and buildings and depending on what you require them for, our consultants will provide a customized solution for you.

Benefits and Advantages

  • More Comfortable Environment

    The aluminium sunscreens help to keep the building cool and this ensures the comfort of the occupants. The additional benefit is that it also protects the occupants from skin diseases at it helps divert excessive sun rays and reduces solar glare. The aluminium sunscreens can also deflect any incoming debris and protect against strong winds and rain. This is highly useful as well in Singapore’s tropical weather.

  • Lower Maintenance Costs

    The aluminium sunscreens still allows some light to enter the building and this reduces the need for excessive lighting. This in turn reduces the electrical expenses and maintenance costs.

Eng Hup

The quality aluminium provided by Eng Hup is corrosion resistant and thus requires very little maintenance. In addition, being a good conductor of heat, it also can also easily conduct heat away from the building. This make Eng Hup aluminium sunscreen a very popular aluminium product

Aluminium sunscreens are the most cost effective way to reduce air conditioning costs. In addition, their designs help to add style and functionality to any building. Contact us to find out more about how we can assist you!