Aluminium Sun Louvres are used for sun protection of a building’s occupants. Its cooling properties help to reduce running costs of buildings and also air conditioning expenses.

Benefits and Advantages

  • More Comfortable Environment

    Aluminium sun louvres when strategically placed at an angle help to mitigate the sun’s rays, hence maintaining a comfortable environment for the inhabitants of a building, as well as preventing damage to electrical circuits due to excessive heat. Other than controlling the influx of sun rays, wind and rain control are also achievable. This is highly useful especially in Singapore’s tropical weather.

  • Modern Design

    The aluminium sun louvres can also be an integral part of a building’s exterior design. Many designs can hence be adopted as required, with regards to colour, coating type as well as size and texture.

  • Additional Security

    Vision into the building can also be controlled, hence enhancing the security and privacy settings, as defined by the building’s occupants.

  • Customizable

    Customizable in terms of aesthetic design, they are also customizable in terms of mode of operation. These include motorized control, manual control as well as sliding options.

Eng Hup

The high grade of aluminium provided by Eng Hup has allowed us to become a leading supplier and distributor of aluminium sun louvres. Along with the unique properties of aluminium which make them corrosion resistant, these aluminium sun louvres are very popular.

Looking for some aluminium sun louvres installation? Contact our customer consultants and we can show you the range of designs available.