Aluminium stair nosings are placed on the edges of stairs to prevent accidents from occurring. Firstly, a person using the stairs can correctly judge the end of the stairs, hence reducing the chances of missed steps. Secondly, a stair nosing can also help increase friction of the stairway. This prevents slipping which may lead to serious injuries on the stairs. Thirdly, it also improves the aesthetic aspect of stairs itself, which may vary according to the design adopted.

Features and Benefits

Aluminium stair nosings must be able to resist wear and tear from both outdoor and indoor environments. Due to a layer of oxide formed on the aluminium when it reacts with oxygen in the air, aluminium itself is protected from the harsh environment which would otherwise corrode it. Hence, our stair nosings can resist wear and tear effectively for long periods of time without sustaining damage.

Eng Hup

  • Top Quality Materials

    Eng Hup provides the best quality materials. Good quality aluminium performs its intended function optimally, hence reducing the chances of an accident occurring as a stair nosing. Such quality is assured via various quality checks.

  • Good Service

    Eng Hup provides the best service. We deliver the products required by clients on time for their needs. In addition, we understand that our clients may require immediate support. As a reliable supplier, Eng Hup will deliver any replacement products required as quickly as possible, in order for our clients to meet their deadlines.

Require some protection for the stairs or wish to make it safer? Speak to our consultants and we can provide you with some designs and specifications for our aluminium stair nosing.