Eng Hup is a professional company based in Singapore, dealing with aluminium and aluminium products. We pride ourselves on being a main supplier of one of the best quality aluminium products to construction companies in Singapore and overseas. Our aluminium square tubes are no exception. Being a construction staple, we strive to make strong, yet lightweight square tubes with high-grade aluminium, provided in various dimensions and sizes to suit your construction needs.

Common Applications

Together with the aluminium square tube connectors, the aluminium square tubes can be combined to build a variety of structures.

Aluminium square tubes are essential as a structural support material. Its square shape makes it an ideal material for construction. It is also lightweight yet durable, allowing it to support heavy loads without itself being a heavy weight for the entire building architecture.

Require custom aluminium square tubes for structures or simple constructions? Just drop us a call or email and we would be glad to assist you.