Eng Hup provides one of the best quality, high-grade aluminium square sections in the aluminium industry. We strive to offer the best, and we understand that you, as our clients, have different requirements to suit your construction needs. This is why we provide a very wide range and different dimensions of aluminium square sections for you.

Common Uses

Aluminium square sections are built mainly as frames. Their interior section makes it lightweight yet strong, and this is ideal to make structural support systems and columns for buildings, railings and fences.

Aluminium square sections are commonly used to build metal structures. They are cut, bent and assembled into different shapes and dimensions to create versatility in design, and to adhere to construction requirements.

Weldable, Bendable and Corrosion Resistant

One important characteristic of these square sections are their ease of cutting and bending into different shapes. Its malleability makes it a very commonly used construction material for construction purposes. In addition, because aluminium is corrosion resistant, this makes it really durable as well.

Eng Hup

Eng Hup provides free cutting services depending on the length that you desire as well as the maximum length that we have in stock. Depending on the number of cuts, there will be lose of the material as well.

Depending on the design and specifications of the aluminium square section that you require, we will try our best to meet your requirements. Contact us and let our customer service assistants assist you!