Eng Hup provides one of the best aluminium products around, and aluminium square pipes are no exception. We are proud to produce one of the highest quality square pipes in the industry, with its lightweight and smooth finishing that make it a desirable structural material for construction.

Common Uses

Simple tables, chairs or cupboards often have aluminium square pipes as the foundation because they are lightweight, strong and durable and corrosion resistant.

Aluminium square pipes are essential in making our support columns that also keep our buildings intact in the long term. Their durability and light-weight quality make it a safe and secure material to build the support systems.


the aluminium square pipes for sometimes used to transport fluids and hence the inner diameter is a more important measurement. The aluminium square tubes on the other hand are more focused on the outer diameter. This is important tips to give when giving measurements for the extrusions which you require.

Eng Hup

Eng Hup has grown to become a trusted supplier for aluminium square pipes in Singapore because of our attention to detail as well as the quality of our aluminium extrusions. We do our best to produce them to your specifications and make sure that they can be delivered on schedule so that you are able to meet your deadlines.

Require some assistance with choosing the design and specifications for the aluminium square pipe? Just drop our consultants a call and we would be glad to assist you.