Eng Hup has been in the aluminium business for a very long time, and we specialize in providing high-grade aluminium materials and products to suit your needs, particularly aluminium square hollow sections, an essential material used commonly in the heavy industries.

Common Hollows

The difference between tubes and pipes is the purpose of the extrusions. Pipes are used to transport fluids and so the inner diameter if more important. Tubes on the other hand focus more on the outer diameter

Common Uses

Aluminium square hollow sections are essential in the marine and maritime industry, especially in shipbuilding and offshore equipment. These form the basic materials for marine technology and welding technology for the marine industry.

Aluminium square hollow sections are also an important tool in industrial equipment, including welding. The light-weight and durable feature of these square hollow sections make it an ideal material for industrial needs.

Aluminium square hollow sections are a staple construction material, and form the foundation and skeleton for building frames.

Eng Hup

  • Wide Array

    Depending on the aluminium alloy composition that you require as well as the dimensions that you require, Eng Hup has a wide variety of aluminium square hollow sections to support your needs and requirements.

  • Different Finishing

    We understand that the aluminium square hollow sections can be used for a large variety of purpose and may require different finishing. That is why Eng Hup provides the aluminium extrusions with different finishing to support your needs.

Eng Hup is a professional supplier of aluminium extrusions and profiles and we will definitely try our best to support your needs. For more information on the tolerance, properties and prefabrication services just drop us an email or call.