Eng Hup is known for many years as a veteran in the aluminium industry. We pride ourselves on providing the best service that you can ask for, combined with our use of only the highest quality aluminium sourced from reliable suppliers. We have a very wide range of aluminium square bars suited for your manufacturing needs, and you have our guarantee that they are of the best quality that you can ask for.

Common Uses

Aluminium square bars are widely used in manufacturing furniture, mainly tables. They form an important base and a connection to these furniture, and with its high yield strength, it is able to tolerate the heavy load of these furniture.

Aluminium square bars are also important components for machines and appliances, especially those for chemical storage and processing.

Ideal Charactericstics

Aluminium square bars have great thermal and electrical conductivity. These make them excellent components for many appliances and machines that require such a property, especially in the chemical industry. The thermal conductance means better heat transfer during important chemical processes, while the excellent electrical conductance equates to more efficient electrical processes.

Eng Hup offers customization in terms of the size and length of the aluminium square bars. Contact us to let us know what sort of assistance you require.