Eng Hup Aluminium Glass Trading was founded in 1988 and to this day has grown to become one of the largest aluminium extrusion suppliers in Singapore. Eng Hup specialises in building and construction materials and we constantly strive to provide the best quality materials for our customers in the asian region.

Eng Hup

  • Top Quality Materials

    Our professional sales personnel are trained and have years of knowledge and experience in this industry. Coupled with the fact that we are constantly working with numerous companies across Singapore, we know the quality aspects that are important to contractors. That is why we always test our products to ensure that they maintain a high standard of quality.

  • Customisation and Cutting Services

    To speed up efficiency for our customers, we also provide cutting services. We are able to cut the aluminium sheets to your desired length. Customisation of the aluminium sheets are also provided. We also understand that there are deadlines to be met and so we have our own logistics team to run our own deliveries so that you always receive your products on time.

  • Very Good Prices

    Not only do we provide products that meet International Standards, because of the economies of scale, we try our best to keep this prices low and affordable.

Need a quotation or got a question? Just speak to any of our staff and we would be happy to assist you!