Established in 1988, Eng Hup Aluminium Glass Trading specializes in the sale and distribution of aluminium sections. At Eng Hup we aim to provide you with a one stop portal for you to acquire all your building and construction needs.

Types of Aluminium Sections

At Eng Hup, we carry a wide variety of aluminium extrusions. From the standard aluminium sections to the customized designs that are made to measure, we try our best to fulfill all our customers needs. Some of the types of aluminium sections that we carry include:

The aluminium sections are available in the 6061 and 6063 alloy.

Eng Hup Aluminium Glass Trading

On Time Deliveries

In the construction industry, we understand that there are deadlines to be meet and penalties if you cannot comply with these requirements. That is why it is of the utmost importance when choosing a supplier that there are able to deliver the materials on time. At Eng Hup, we make sure that we carry out our deliveries promptly and on time so that you can complete your projects on time.

Quality Materials and Service

Being in this industry for over 20 years, we know what our customers are looking for. That is why we only work with the best manufacturers to supply our aluminium sections. When our customers require cutting services, we also ensure that they get the dimensions that they require. It is because of this attention to detail that our customers continue to place their trust in us.

One Stop Solution

Aside from the typical aluminium sections, we also carry a diverse range of products. From construction hardware like door locks or compounds, we also have a wide variety of ceiling boards. In fact, gypsum boards and mineral fiber boards are another one of our specialties. Carrying all these materials makes it easier for our customers to acquire these supplies at a single location.

Come down to our office today are contact any one of our service staff if you have any questions regarding our products.