Aluminium round tubes are aluminium alloy bars which have a hollow in them. Highly similar to the aluminium pipes, the main difference is the the pipes are meant to transport fluids and the most important property is the inner diameter. The tube’s dimensions on the other hand are specified more in terms of their outer diameter.

Depending on the length you require, Eng Hup cuts the round tubes down to the sizes they desire or up to the maximum length that we have available.

Common Applications

  • Structural applications like in aluminium tube railings and trims or simple household furniture
  • Electrical connectors and fittings


When making orders, do make sure you specify the dimensions properly. This can save you from a lot of headache subsequently.

  • When specifying the diameter, do ensure that you state clearly the inside and outside diameter and this will drastically change how the aluminium round tubes are made.

Looking for an aluminium round tube or pipe? Just contact our consultants and we would be able to assist you with the aluminium extrusions and accessories that you require.