Aluminium round bars are solid aluminium alloy bars. They are commonly used in the construction of various structures because of the desirable properties that they have.

With the varying lengths and dimensions, feel free to call us and check with we have the dimensions on stock or if orders need to be made.

Common Applications

  • Trusses, bridges, cranes and transport applications requires the use of aluminium round bars for construction
  • Marine applications could require the use of high corrosion resistance aluminium alloy round bars


Similar to stainless steel, aluminium alloys are corrosion resistant and this means that it is extremely durable and the frequency of maintenance reasonably low, allowing for a long-lasting usage. The high-quality of materials and use of high-end technology enables us to maintain industrial grade our aluminium round bars.

Aside from the aluminium round bars, Eng Hup has a whole variety of aluminium flat sheet as well as other aluminium extrusions. Come down to our office to view them or speak to our consultants over the phone today!