The large aluminium roofing sheets provide an alternative solution to the typical roofs that are commonly used. This is because to the unique properties of aluminium as well as the beneficial features that it offers.


Being a very good conductor of heat and high reflector of heat as well, building using the aluminium roof sheets help to keep building cool during hot days.

Because of its chemical properties, aluminium alloys are resistant to corrosion and hence last long even in the harshest of weather conditions. The aluminium alloys are 100% rust proof as well and this also means reduced need for maintenance.

Depending on the finishing you desire, the aluminium roofing sheets and also be colored to add spice to the design of the buildings.

Why Choose Eng Hup

  • Plain mill finish
  • Color coated
  • Tiled sheet

Need the specifications for the different designs and types of aluminium roofing sheets? Just drop our consultants a call, they would be glad to assist you.