Aluminium Rod are extended pieces of usually thin straight bars made from the metal Aluminium. Aluminium rods produced industrially are usually available for customization, allowing customers to vary the length, diameter and surface finish for the product they have in mind. These lightweight and strong products are definitely one of most highly demanded among Aluminium products.


Aluminium rods can be used for a variety of purposes. Heavy industries require large amounts of Aluminium rods for structural supports, make-shift sites and patching work. On a smaller scale, Aluminium rods may be used for theatrical stage productions, home DIYs and for prototyping projects.


Aluminium is lightweight but still strong and sturdy, making it a commonly used metal. With an insoluble layer of Aluminium oxide protecting the surface, these rods are durable and resistant to corrosion by external factors, allowing customers to save on reparations and maintenance costs in the long run.

Eng Hup Aluminium

Eng Hup provides a diverse range of aluminium rods at different sizes as well as different alloy compositions. Having been in the industry for over two decades, we understand the needs and requirements of our clients and will definitely try to provide them with the best service quality possible.

To find out more about the specific materials that we have for the Aluminium Rods and the types of customization we can go, contact us now!