The aluminium rectangular hollow sections are used extensively in the construction and automobile industry. They are most commonly used for roof trusses due to various benefits, which are stated below.

Benefits and Advantages

Eng Hup uses quality aluminium to produce these Aluminium Rectangular Hollow Sections. This allows our products to exhibit optimal corrosion resistant properties, which protects it against hazardous external elements affecting its performance over time. Due to a layer of oxide forming over the aluminium extrusions once in contact with oxygen, the internal aluminium remains unaffected by corrosive elements. This ensures that your extrusions retain its strength and durability, even in the face of harsh outdoor elements, such as for roof trusses.

Our Aluminium Rectangular Hollow Sections are not only significantly lighter than most other rectangular hollow sections of other metals, but they are also comparative in terms of strength. This promises to our clients the ease of transportation and installation of our Aluminium Rectangular Hollow Sections due to their lighter weight, while not compromising on strength and reliability benchmarks.


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Eng Hup

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