Eng Hup has a wide variety of aluminium rectangles made of a range of alloys. These rectangles are commonly used for a wide variety of purposes, from common furniture to more industrial purposes, they are normally able to meet most requirements.

Common Rectangles

  • Aluminium Rectangle Bars
  • Aluminium Rectangle Hollow Sections

Benefits and Advantages

The corrosion resistant properties of the aluminium alloy help make it extremely durable. This makes it extremely low maintenance as well.

With the right welding tools, these aluminium rectangles can be easily joint with other extrusions to form more complex structures if required.

Eng Hup

With years of experience in the aluminium industry, let us be the ones to provide with you the quality materials that you require. We have a wide range of aluminium rectangles for you to choose from so you will definitely not be disappointed.

Let us know the specifications of the aluminium rectangles you require and we will try our best to assist you! Contact us now!