Eng Hup Aluminium and Glass Trading is one of the largest suppliers of aluminium pipes in Singapore. Our stock of aluminium pipes consist of a wide variety of dimensions and alloy and are consistently used in multiple industries.

Common Types of Alloy

6061 Aluminium Alloy

The 6061 aluminium alloy is one of the most commony alloys of aluminium for general use. This is because the aluminium alloy display good mechanical properties and is highly weldable as well.


  • Tubes

    They aluminium pipes can be used for sewage pipes and drains because of the corrosion resistant nature.

  • Transport

    Because of the strength and corrosion resistant properties of the aluminium alloy, they are also used for the construction of vehicle frames.

  • Construction

    Because of the aluminium pipes are highly weldable, they are commonly used in the construction of buildings.

6063 Aluminium Alloy

The 6063 aluminium alloy has a smooth finish, is heat treatable and highly weldable as well. The mechanical properties depend greatly on the heat treatment of the material.


  • Windows and Doors

    Because they can be anodized, the 6063 aluminium alloy is commonly used to make the frames of doors and windows.

Eng Hup

In the aluminium extrusion industry, Eng Hup has established itself as a company that is able to provide quality products at exceptional prices and is able to provide prompt deliveries as well. Because of these strengths, we have been able to grow from strength to strength.

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