Aluminium Louvres are blinds or shutters, typically installed as windows, doors or partitions. There a also commonly used on commercial and industrial buildings.

These aluminium louvres are usually manufactured to allow for adjustability depending on which specific use it is for and the conditions surrounding the user at any point of time.

Types of Louvres

  • Regular Louvers

    High efficiency, durability and wide functionality. Available in various sizes and can be customized to meet your needs.

  • Fixed Louvers

    Manufactured to meet industry standards. Constructed to provide air ventilation and also affordable in prices

  • Boxed Type Louvers

    Well constructed and can be provided in different color options.

Design Features

These louvres are affixed with horizontal metal slats that are connected to either a manual pulley system or mechanical control device that allows the metal slats to be angled to one’s needs and desires. They can either be angled upwards or downwards, though typically it is more common for the latter to be used and installed.

As the aluminium louvres are affixed with a certain number of metal slats, users can usually dictate the width of these slats and thus the number of slats they wish to have. One can either opt for a larger number of thinner slats with more intervals between or a small number of thicker slats with fewer intervals between. This allows customers to control the look and functional aspects of the louvres.

Let us know the design that you are looking for and we will try our best to meet your specifications.