Aluminium lipped channels are metal strips that function like an open channel, with one of the four sides unsealed. On this particular open side, they are manufactured such that two parallel trims are running along the length of the channel, creating a cross-sectional view of the channel that looks like an unfinished square.

Common Uses

These Aluminium lipped channels can be used for a myriad of applications, one of them being window rails. With the lipped design, it allows for the laying of window rails and tracks on it to provide the mobility component of curtains. Other applications include partition framing, shelving purposes, vehicular modification and home DIY projects.


With the lipped closing on the sides, a groove-like structure is introduced to the design of the channel. The lipped sides provides a catch which enables other structures to lock into it, holding the channel in place while performing other purposes of the channel. The lipped closing may be widened or narrowed depending on the specific use and medium interface of the other adjoining products.

The metal used is one of the most commonly used and widely demanded material – aluminium. The desirable properties of aluminium such as malleability, corrosion-resistance, non-toxicity, strength and structurally stability allows the products of aluminium to be used in areas where a balance of strength and easy of handling is needed.

The aluminium lipped channels are available in full length from our stock or can be cut to suit your requirements. Contact us today!