Aluminium J Channels are specially designed and manufactured sections of open channels, shaped similarly to the letter ‘J’. You can also imagine the letter ‘U’ with one extended arm, just that usually these Aluminium J Channels have right angled joints rather than curved and rounded joins.

Common Applications

One of the most common applications of these Aluminium J Channels are specifically for mirrors and glass products, used as supports and holders for these fragile and delicate pieces. Other applications include frames of windows, shelves and household furniture and also construction of workplaces and offices.

Aluminium Properties

When using aluminium metal as the metal type to construct these J Channels, the inherent property of Aluminium is also conferred to the product. The high tensile strength of aluminium due to the very strong metallic bonds found within the metal’s molecular structure allows the products made to be strong, sturdy and stable.

Aluminium is also one of the safest metal type that can be chosen to create products such as the J channels. The non-toxicity nature of aluminium metal makes them safe for most manufacturing purposes. The natural layer of protective metal oxide formed on aluminium also protects the metal from corrosion by environmental agents, making them durable and lasting.

Also commonly used for gutter mouldings, the aluminium j sections serve a wide variety of purposes. Let us know how we can assist you today!