Aluminium I Sections are varying lengths of Aluminium metal simply shaped simply like the alphabet ‘I’. These aluminium sections are typically manufactured from the process of aluminium extrusion and can vary depending on the type of mold die used.

Thickness, length and shape ratio of the Aluminium I Sections also varies along with the cutting of the mold.

Structural Features

As the name suggests, the sections are shaped like the letter ‘I’ or an rotated letter ‘H’. Having said that, the two parallel sides of these sections need not be of the same length, depending on particular use of these sections. The ratio of the parallel sides to the adjoining length can also vary to give rise to a spectrum of ‘I’ sections.

With the sections shaped as such, these Aluminium I Sections are structurally stronger on the two parallel sides facing each other. When using these sections, they are typically orientated to have the opposite sides shoulder the bulk of any force of pressure the sections may face, allowing them to perform their structural purposes.

Common Applications

Many of these Aluminium I Sections are used for flooring and walls of office buildings, industrial factories, private shops and other business-related locations. Some of these aluminium sections can also be used for commercial construction and fabrication of structure such as frames, windows, doors and partitions.

Require some customization for your aluminium I sections? Just let us know what you require and we will try our best to assist you.