Eng Hup is a veteran in the aluminium industry, having been in the business for years. We specialise in providing a wide range of high-quality aluminium products, ranging from commonly used products like hollow bars and sections to the aluminium I beams.

Aluminium I beams are essential components in structures with greater strength requirements, and can be an advantageous where metal fabrication is involved. We provide a wide range of aluminium I beams to best suit your structural needs.

Common Uses

The aluminium I beam is an essential component in structures where a greater yield strength is necessary, including high-rise buildings, and heavy industry machines. They are used mainly as a foundation component to further support and supplement frameworks and structural columns.


  • Versatile

    Aluminium I beams are easy to cut and bend, making it a great metal component with strong machinability. Many construction companies testify to using aluminium I beams for metal structures and construction purposes because of its great malleability and ease of cutting and bending. Although a little bit pricey, the easy workability helps to reduce labour costs, while creating sturdy, strong structures with great support from I beams.

  • Excellent Welding Properties

    One defining feature of aluminium I beams, is its excellent welding property. I beams are easily welded together, mainly because of its ‘I’ shape and structure. This ease of welding makes it such an ideal material in metal fabrications, as the joining component in metal structures.

  • Good Corrosion Resistance

    All our aluminium I beams are specially layered with corrosion-resistant material to keep it corrosion-free for long term sake. This is especially important when the I beams are used in construction, as it is essential for it to long-lasting and durable, with minimal need for maintenance in the long-run. Our aluminium I beams possess great corrosion resistance, and you have our guarantee that your structures, built with our aluminium I beams, will be durable and long-lasting, reducing repair and maintenance costs.

We have aluminium I beams in stock and we have customization services available as well. Let us know your specifications and we will try our best to assist you.