Eng Hup are your aluminium specialists, and we aim to provide you the best solutions to your aluminium needs. We pride ourselves on our excellent service and our large pool of valuable, loyal customers and clients, all of whom have commended us on our high-quality aluminium products.

Our aluminium hollow tubes are no different. These are important materials needed mainly in construction and heavy industries, making it all the more essential for them to be of the best quality to maintain the sustainability of the structures made. We provide a wide range of such high-grade aluminium hollow tubes to satisfy your needs, and we are more than happy to provide you with personal consultations to further discuss your requirements.

Common Uses

High-grade, high quality aluminium hollow tubes are used to build and support heavy duty structures such as machines in the heavy industries. They serve mainly as outlets/inlets, providing channels for movement of liquids within the machine or structure. They can also double up as structural support columns.


  • High Strength To Weight Ratio

    As a structural material, aluminium hollow tubes are made to have high yield strength and at the same time, minimal weightload. This allows it to withstand great loads and pressures without itself being a heavy load to the overall structure.

  • Maellability

    The aluminium hollow tubes possess great malleability which makes them easy to weld, cut and bend to different shapes, all while preserving its high yield strength. This is a very advantageous feature of our aluminium hollow tubes, as it allows you to alter the shape to fit your architectural designs and requirements.

Eng Hup

With over 20 years in the industry, we understand the needs and requirements of our customers. That is why we provide a wide range of aluminium hollow tubes of different diameters and specifications. For also ensure that we provide good quality service to all our customers.

Eng Hup has a wide variety aluminium hollow tubes of different diameters and different specifications. Cutting services available to achieve length you desire depending on maximum length we have in stock