Aluminium Hollow Bars are typically rectangular strips of metal, in this case, Aluminium, with its core removed. These hollow bars can also come in cylindrical molds or other shapes accordingly to the project these bars are needed to be used in.

The length, size and diameters come in wide ranges to suit the different requirements of each individual.

Benefits and Features

Unlike other metals like zinc, magnesium and iron that poses the problems of corrosion, rusting and are much heavier to work with, Aluminium is widely preferred over these other materials. Aluminium – lightweight, strong, anti-corrosion and durable – are usually used because of it strong tensile strength and lower material densities.

Eng Hup

Eng Hup Aluminium provides our customers the opportunity to order these Aluminium hollow bars according to their specifications. Priced competitively, Eng Hup allows every one to stretch their dollars and attain quality products with great savings.

High quality aluminium bars are available in various shapes and sizes that are suitable for a variety of uses. Contact us for the product specifications.