Aluminium h channels (also known as aluminium i beams) are one of many different aluminium profile shapes. The h channel is available in a variety of sizes and configurations and is essential in many different types of construction projects. This is because the h channel provides superb foundation for frame work, trailers, truck beds, railings, overhead and other supports. It can also be used for aircraft construction.

Important Specifications

  • Gap size (width)
  • Height
  • Length of extrusion
  • Alloy composition

Depending on the specifications, the resulting aluminium h channel will differ in the tensile strength, yield strength and elongation.


  • Anti-Corrosion

    As aluminium h channel is used for construction purposes, being able to withstand the extreme weather is important. When reacted with oxygen in the atmosphere, a thin layer of oxide will be formed to protect the aluminium, preventing it from corrosion. Hence, it is suitable even for outdoor constructions.

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