Aluminium Foil Sheets are extremely thin single-layered aluminium films, typically manufactured for domestic purposes certain industrial uses.

These Aluminium Foils Sheets are much thinner and flexible in comparison to aluminium sheets, plates and coils, making them suitable for improvisation purposes.

Benefits and Advantages

These Aluminium Foil Sheets possess a reflective surface on both sides of the sheet, which makes them poor absorbers of heat energy. This property is why Aluminium Foil Sheets are commonly used for heat-preservation purposes both at home and in large scale industries. The reflective surfaces traps heat within its confines, allowing the interior temperature to remain relatively constant.

With aluminium metal being malleable itself, the paper-like thinness of these foil sheets increases the versatility of the product itself. This enables customers to wrap these Aluminium Foil Sheets around desired products or mould them into specific shapes for other uses they might require. Relative to its thickness, these aluminium sheets do not tear easily and when used in several layers can be reasonable strong.

Common Uses

While the use of Aluminium Foil Sheets in cooking and baking is widely known, these sheets are actually used extensively for other purposes as well. Arts and crafts is one of the areas that exploits its shiny aesthetics alongside electromagnetic shielding which takes advantage of the foil’s non-magnetic properties.

Aluminium Foil Sheets are available in various sizes and can also be customizable to your requirements. Contact us now!