Aluminium Flat Sheets, are considered to be the midway between Aluminium Foils and Aluminium Plates, with its thickness falling within the spectrum of these two latter products.

The width and length of the Aluminium Flat Sheets can customized and manufactured to suit your needs.

Special Characteristics

Aluminium Flat Sheets are resistant to corrosion by environmental and most chemical agents, making them a perfect choice for durability and longer shelf life. aluminium is also light, about a third of the weight of steel, making them a breeze to work with and handle. For the thickness of the sheets, the aluminium metal confers strength to the product, making it suitable for hardy uses and purposes.


The uses of these Aluminium Flat Sheets are varied and spans a wide range of industrial applications. These aluminium sheets are found in the manufacturing of vehicular bodies in the transportation sector and can also be employed in the construction industry for building insulation and in certain instances of cladding. Visit Eng Hup aluminium for the full range of affordable products available.

Quality Aluminium Flat Sheet from trusted suppliers will definitely meet your expectations and requirements.