Aluminium flat bars have various applications as a basic component in various industries, including the automotive and aviation industries. It is generally used for jigs, machine parts or fabrication.

Benefits and Advantages

  • Easy Machinability

    Eng Hup’s aluminium flat bars are easy to work on via machining, riveting, welding and so forth in order to construct various products, such as hydraulic systems and connectors. This is due to the malleability of aluminium, which constitutes the core of a wide variety of applications for the aluminium flat bar.

  • Heat and Electrical Conductivity

    Eng Hup’s flat bars have great electrical and heat conductivity. This allows our flat bars to be made effectively into electrical fittings, foil wrappers and so forth.

  • Excellent for Cold Forming

    Cold forming is the process of forging metals at near room temperatures, which increases the yield and strength of the resultant metal. Our aluminium flat bars are excellent for cold forming, which can lead to stronger and more reliable products, such as bicycle frames and couplings.

  • Strength and Corrosion Resistance

    Last but not least, our aluminium flat bars exhibit high strength and high corrosion resistance. This is ideal for a large variety of applications, whereby large stresses and harsh environmental and operating conditions could compromise on the reliability of a working component. However, Eng Hup uses the best quality aluminium for our flat bars, in order to ensure that there is as low a probability for failure as possible in such operating conditions.

Eng Hup

As a leading supplier of aluminium flat bars, we understand the needs of our clients for reliability and sturdy components. Eng Hup uses nothing but the highest grade of aluminium to meet those needs, while making sure that none of your projects are compromised with higher unnecessary costs.

The aluminium flat bars are available in a wide variety of different dimensions as well as different chemical compositions. Customization is available as well. Let us know what you require today!