Aluminium f sections are generally used in the construction industry for making roof edges.

Its f-shaped section makes it suitable for certain roof designs which make your building’s design look integrated.

Benefits and Advantages

  • Clean Finish For Roof

    The aluminium f sections provide a clean finish to your roof design. By installing our aluminium f sections, not only would your roof design look sleek and integrated, it will also stay that way for prolonged periods of time due to our corrosion resistant aluminium used, which ensures that your building glows as radiantly as it does from day one. Our f sections are able to withstand the outdoor elements, especially rain, humidity and heat which is an essential quality for f sections to have in a tropical country such as Singapore.

  • Flexibility in Dimensions

    At Eng Hup, we provide a variety of measurements for our f sections. In addition, you can also provide us your specifications and dimensions as well, and we will customize the final product for you. Due to the malleable nature of a high grade aluminium material that we use, the extrusion can be done quickly and efficiently, hence translating to time and costs savings for our customers.


Using only the best aluminium, Eng Hup promises the highest value for our aluminium f sections, by translating the benefits of high grade aluminium over to our customers in terms of lower costs in the future. Additionally, we are constantly committed to service as well. Any products or replacements needed by our clients will be delivered on site as soon as possible.

Customization to desired length available depending on maximum length of aluminium f section in stock. Let us know how we can assist you today!