Aluminum extrusions are pieces of aluminum metals, be it in shapes of pipes or blocks, with a specific cross-sectional pattern. These different cross-section are produced by pushing aluminum through a die, a molding piece somewhat like a stencil! By varying the pattern produced, the aluminum can be used for wide range of purposes.


The process of extruding aluminum is easy, versatile and extremely low cost – giving rise of a myriad of product design possibilities which can be tweaked for different purposes. While providing the masses with greater options, the process does not compromise on the material strength and durability; these aluminum are equally strong structurally.

Uses and Features

With Aluminum Extrusions of infinite product designs, the commercial uses of the finished products can be found in many commercial items around us. From the big speedboat frames and creating lighter patio furniture to longer lasting sports equipments and even building parts of the International Space Station, the possibilities are endless!

The possibility of transforming aluminum metal into various profiles with cross-sectional designs, industries use aluminum pervasively in their line of work. They can be used in track laying, building frames, construction rails and also aluminum tubings.

Eng Hup has a wide variety of Aluminium Extrusions that can be customized to suit your specifications. Made with the highest quality and accuracy, we will definitely be able to support your needs.