Founded in 1988, Eng Hup Aluminium Glass Trading has grown in a trusted brand and a leading supplier for the building and construction industry in Singapore. Our close partnerships and relationship has allowed us to build a strong relationship with our partners and clients. Through this, we have also been able to advice our clients on the demands and requirements of the construction materials.


Providing quality and reliable materials allow you to complete your projects and meet the deadlines set and that is why you require a reliable supplier like Eng Hup

Quick Deliveries

If you need replacement materials at the last minute and suddenly feel that there is a shortage, we can do our best to make some quick deliveries for you.

Quality Materials

Where safety is a concern, it is important to use materials that does not compromise standards. Eng Hup provides materials that go through rigorous quality checks.


Preferred supplies partner for aluminium and hardware


  • To delivery reliable and quality products and competitive prices
  • To grow and develop with our customers to achiever greater profitability

Looking for aluminium extrusions or other sort of hardware? Contact us now and we will definitely be able to assist you.