Aluminium extruded sections are commonly used in a wide variety of industries and offer and large number of possibilities to product designers because of its low cost to manufacture as well as the short lead times.


Because of the aluminium extruded sections high corrosion resistant properties, finishing is not normally required. In any case, if anodising is required, if will not affect the recyclability of the metal in future.

Producing and customizing the aluminium extruded sections to suit your needs is also possible. This is because it has extremely low cost tooling and short lead time.

Common Applications

The aluminium extruded sections are used widely in a wide variety of applications. Some of these include:

  • Transport
  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial design
  • Marine

Eng Hup

Eng Hup is a local supplier of aluminium extruded sections. We supply them to a large number of companies in Singapore and we provide extremely competitive prices. In addition, we also provide customization and cutting services for our clients which is what they appreciate.

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