Eng Hup is renowned as a leader in the aluminium industry, and we specialize in many types of aluminium tools and materials, such as aluminium extruded channels. These channels are our specialty, they are the basis of many appliances and machines, and it is essential that high-grade, high quality channels are used in construction to maintain durability. Here at Eng Hup we pride ourselves on having the best quality aluminium extruded channels you can find at competitive prices.

Common Applications

Aluminium extruded channels are widely used for construction and renovation purposes, both for office and residential sites. They are an essential material, forming the foundation to construct structures such as glass railings, furniture, windows and doors.

One important use of aluminium extruded channels is in the making of LED strips. The channel will act as a base for constructing LED lights casings.

Eng Hup

For years Eng Hup has slowly built our brand to become a trusted and reliable supplier. We have only high-quality aluminium extruded channels, to ensure that they are durable and sturdy to support the construction of your appliances/materials.

Order made to measure pieces or off-the-shelf if you are looking for something common. Contact us now and speak to our customer service officers.