Eng Hup is a veteran in producing aluminium solutions, including aluminium equal angles. We pride ourselves as a reliable supplier for many companies, and this is not surprising considering our strength in design and high-grade aluminium.

Common Applications

Aluminium equal angles are used by developers to design and construct building frames to set the skeleton and foundation of the construction of buildings.

Frames and sub-frames are also made from aluminium equal angles as the bodies of machines, such as vehicles. The light-weight quality of aluminium equal angles make it ideal for construction of these machines, to reduce weight and maximize performance.

The aluminium equal angles are essential to design and make the frames for gates and fences, to ensure that it remains light-weight, and still sturdy to fulfill its function.

Ideal Characteristics

Aluminium equal angles are light-weight and this quality makes it such an important construction material for buildings, structures and vehicles. With aluminium equal angles, buildings and structures will have a reduced load that minimises the need for support structures to keep the building stable. Vehicles are kept lightweight so that it remains mobile.

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