Aluminium door extrusions are commonly used for the door frames because they are lighter and more durable as compared to their wooden counterparts. Eng Hup is a local supplier of quality aluminium door extrusions for construction companies and individual consumers.

Types of Aluminium Door Extrusions

  • Sliding doors
  • Swing doors
  • Louvres doors

Common Uses

Commonly used for commercial properties. Aluminium door systems are able to support the weight of taller and wider doors that are commonly used at shopfronts or office entrances. Due to its durability and numerous other benefits, these aluminium doors are popular amongst commercial developers. Eng Hup not only provides you the convenience, but also the assurance of high-quality door extrusions that last.

As compared to the past where it was common for doors to be fully made of aluminium, the aluminium door extrusions now mainly form the frame. Suitable for sliding doors toilet doors or hinge, multi-fold and pivot doors for living rooms and kitchens, the aluminium door extrusions are highly versatile. Eng Hup provide one-stop solutions to ensure that you get the door you require.


  • Steel-Coated

    Our door extrusions are carefully coated with a layer of steel to make it resistant to rusting. You can be guaranteed of long-lasting door extrusions that will allow your doors to be used for very long without the need for constant maintenance.

  • Superb Quality

    We can assure you that our door extrusions are secure and of superb quality. Careful inspection is done to ensure that all our door extrusions are of standard, world-class quality.

  • Precise Design

    Depending on your customization specifications, we will definitely aim to meet your requirements.

Eng Hup is a leading company providing you with the best aluminium solutions. Contact us now to find out more about how we can assist you!