Aluminium composite sheets are panel-like structures which when you dissect the inner components, looks like a sandwich!

Two thin Aluminium sheets flanks a core which is non-Aluminium, creating a microscopic sandwich structure that has properties desirable for many purposes such as construction and manufacturing.


The Aluminium Composite Sheets has an inner core which is of low density, providing the entire structure to be light and easy to work with. Coupled with two extremely thin sheets of lightweight aluminium metal, these products is known to be one of the best choices for light but durable materials used in industries around the world.

Uses and Application

These Aluminium Composite Sheets are mostly used in areas where there products need to be extremely lightweight in relation to its size and able to withstand great pressures and stresses. Some of the common uses of Aluminium Composite Sheets are in billboards, signage, automotive manufacturing and also ceiling foundations.

Depending on your design and specifications, we can manufacture these Aluminium Composite Sheets to suit your needs. Contact us now!