Aluminium Channel Sections are specific lengths of aluminium channels, usually created from cutting through Aluminium channels by either a  high temperature torch or a specialized cutting tool. These specific lengths are needed usually for reparation work or maintenance work, where specific parts need to be replicated.

Ideal Properties of Aluminium

One of the most desired property of aluminium metal is its lightness which is due to its low structural atomic density. Given its lightness, Aluminium has become a popular choice out of all metal types for uses in many construction and manufacturing. It is also strong and sturdy as aluminum has considerable tensile strength, making them structurally stable.

Aluminum is malleable, which is the ability to be bent without damaging its structural make-up and properties, thus, these aluminium products can be shaped for various uses but still remaining strong and sturdy. The naturally-occuring insoluble aluminium oxide layer on most aluminum surfaces confers stability and anti-corrosion properties to these channel sections, making them last even longer.

Eng Hup Aluminium

Here at Eng Hup Aluminium, we provide our customers with a wide array of aluminium products, both off the shelves and for customization to their every need. Our products are manufactured to high qualities but at affordable and competitive costs, so as to allow our consumers great savings without having to compromise on the standards of their products.

If you require some customization, contact us customer service consultants and let them know your specifications. We will try our best to cater to your needs.